Customer Gibberish
October 28, 2015

Positive thinking? What’s that?

Any form of science has not yet figured out how thoughts occur. All we know is that they just do. Then how one could possibly be ‘trained’ to think positively? Thousands of gigabytes of information on positive thinking hasn’t answered this question satisfactorily. 

As a concept, it entices the ever craving human mind. I don’t think a cat, or a dog or a tree would ever bother about positive thinking. This elusive search and attempt has led to more miseries and suffering than the anything else.

I have come to believe that one must create (as an ongoing process) a physical environment that facilitates a good feeling. These tangible and sensuous elements help one sail through the rough patches more than any intellectual concept.

Spending time with kids, a walk in the park, a book by the bed side, a buddy who laughs at himself/herself, a pet, waking up early, good pair of shoes, country music, good wine, favorite perfume, couple of people who can be phoned without looking at the clock, wind chimes, unplanned rendezvous, a cup of filter coffee.. that’s a glimpse of my list.

Forget about positive, negative, transformational, resourceful… whatever thinking. Commentators do not alter the game. They share their opinion on what’s happening in the field. And that’s what thoughts do, mostly. 

It’s your ‘list’ that makes this journey an interesting voyage.

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